How many images fit into each journal package?

Below is an approx. number of photos that fit into the options available...

Luxe: 130-165

Premium: 200-255

The Ritz: 290 -350

The two most popular packages are Luxe and Premium.

Use the above as a guide when deciding on the most ideal package to reflect your beautiful photographic investment.

What Paper Stocks DO you Use?

The Cover

Both the "Soft Satin" and "The Uncoated Edit" Cover stock is on a 350gsm Satin Card, providing a super smooth surface to host your stunning Cover design. These covers are finished with a durable and scuff-resistant Matt laminate on the outside.

The Pages

The "Soft Satin" option provides a lush 170gsm satin surface, giving your photos a smooth matt, shine-free surface.

"The Uncoated Edit" provides a wonderfully porous surface, for the inks to soak into enhancing the tones of your photos. This 170gsm uncoated Art paper is a crowd favourite! ❤

What is the Minimum and Maximum quantity for Journal orders?

The Minimum order for Journals is 2.

This is because of print setup costs. The second reason for being the minimum... I always recommend having two copies for yourself, one to keep out on your coffee table and the other tucked away as a family heirloom. How lovely would it be for future generations to stumble across your gorgeous wedding day. ❤

Maximum Journal orders...

When ordering online the largest number is 10. But once your order has been placed and you decide "hmm,more journals would be great… for gifts", we can add the extra's on before print, no stress at all.

What is the Time Frame From Start to delivery?

The timeline of a Journal project is estimated at around 4-6 weeks from start to delivery.

This timeline can vary depending on a few variables eg files being supplied, how fast the journals are proofed, number of proof variations, number of journal designs on the go, and courier delays.

My aim is always to work through your journal curation and design in a timely fashion and navigate any flags that may come up along the way.

If you need your journals for a specific occasion/event let me know, and together we can work within the 4-6 week time frame to get your project completed in time!

Can we meet and can I view a journal sample?

Yes, 100% we can meet! If you live in Hawke's Bay, happen to be in the area or I'm in your area I'd love to sit down over a coffee (or wine) to see how I can help you.

Interested in viewing a finished Journal? I'll bring along a few samples for you to look over. If you are out of town and interested in seeing a sample, I would look at sending printed stock samples, this way you get a better feel for the quality.

How Durable Are the journals?

Pixel Project journals are designed to be durable in a home environment.

What does this mean?

It means they can be kept out on a coffee table or table for friends and family to browse whenever.

These are a few things to remember with Magazine style journals...

1. The art paper used is high quality and also absorbent, so make sure no cups, glasses, or mugs are put on top of your journal

2. Keep out of reach of the littlest hands, we've all seen what they can do to picture books 

3. And last but not least have extra copies, the cost to add an extra 1 or 2 Journal onto your order before print, is minimal and a cost-effective option

What is the difference between the Uncoated and Satin Art Paper stock available for Pixel Project journals?

These two paper stocks are very different, although the same thickness at 170gsm.

The Uncoated Paper has a slightly porous feel to it, similar to some of the favourite high-quality wedding and lifestyle magazines, like the Together Journal.

And the Satin Paper is smooth and soft, it’s like silk to touch.

These two luxe paper options have been provided to suit your personal preference because your Journals are all about what you love and enjoy the most. From beautiful photography through to the paper they rest on!